About Lyceum Launch Squad (LLS)

Lyceum Launch Squad (LLS) is an integrated communications and public affairs agency as well as a Corporate Event Management company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Melbourne, Australia & in Fiji. Our range of services includes but not limited to public affairs and investor relations, public and media relations, product launches and event management, media planning and buying, media monitoring, and social media & Exhibitions. Whether you are a big fish, a small-medium business, or an entrepreneur making your mark, we are here to analyze, strategize and deliver beyond mere publicity to making results that matter. Backed by a deep understanding of marketing and strategic communications and a continuing winning relationship with the media and publics nationally, we will nurture, manage and forge positive reputation that will spread across communities and various stakeholders organically, through an integrated approach.

We are specialized in trilingual, that being said English, Native Fijian Languages or even Hindi language thereby not only reaching a wider audience but also taking your brand or organization across the nations. We also have global news release packages where we connect and publish your say on leading global news sites.

Why Do PR

  • Whether you are a starter or are already in business you might be possibly wondering: why do I need PR? Yes, you could manage your company or brand without any spend on PR or marketing but it’s highly unlikely that it would sustain that long and moreover, you are missing a range of opportunities and even aren’t prepared when uncertainties hit your business. PR is a cornerstone of all marketing endeavors as we’ve seen businesses that actively engage in strategic and marketing communication tactics are more likely to succeed than the rest.

    According to Public Relations News, "Public relations is the management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance."

  • 1. Compete with your competitors. There has never been a more consumer-driven economy than the one we are in now, and the maze is larger with social media and the many digital outlets available to write about your University.

    Your competitors are out there. You see them in the news and on social media for a reason; they’re working the public relations better than you. “If you’re not being quoted in the press, you’re losing market share by losing limelight.” It’s that simple.

  • 2. Building brand recognition. First, let’s be very clear that building a brand is a marathon and not a sprint, which means that you should start the race as early as possible. The long-term effects of media visibility grow over time, in fact, years, and this creates amplification.

    Good public relations works in conjunction with other elements of your overall marketing strategy, which might include social media, events or charity tie-ins. This is how brands grow, with layers of conversation about their product over many years. When you look at the changes the company makes, let’s say over a three-year period, which is a good time to measure, there will be a trajectory. And if that trajectory trends up, you’ve done something right.

  • 3. Stay relevant. One of the worst things a company can do is hire a PR firm for six months and then let them go because they achieved a singular goal. Staying relevant means that editors and writers are always hearing about your brand, so if you stop talking, then you are no longer relevant.

    A good PR strategy will include a multi-tiered process with different ways to create a conversation. This might include creating thought leadership opportunities to give credibility to your executive staff, which means placing bylined articles on subjects your staff are conversant in. This could also mean creating videos or podcasts on peripheral but relevant subjects to garner attention and conversation around your leadership and company.

  • 4. Bridge the language with journalists. Many companies, believe that they can whip up a pitch and send it out or pick up the phone and talk to an editor and that should do the trick. While I will be the first to admit that publicists are not re-inventing NASA Transfer Technology Portals, there is a definite language journalists speak. It is one of short verbiage that is to-the-point and compels them to read further in the email. They’re looking for any reason to hit delete and unless you know how to prevent that, you will have zero traction.

    Another important component is language and writing. Be honest with yourself: Are you a good writer? Do you have a great command of the English language? Editors in particular will hit that delete button at the first misuse of a word, a misspelling, or when they get to that awkward or mangled sentence. Finally, good PR is all about sales and publicists are by nature of their profession selling (your story) each day.

  • 5. Increase your ROI. The bottom line is different for different types of companies. For an online cookie company, fashion apparel line or beauty brand the ROI might be straight up sales. But sales is not the only measurement of ROI, it can be traffic to your website, more engagement in social media, referral business, or even speaking engagements for senior staff. And be wary of one-hit wonders in public relations.

    Often a company will convince itself that since sales are up, there is no need to hire a PR firm. Name one major brand that doesn’t have a PR firm or dedicated public relations person in-house. (You don’t need to pay for a PR person 365 days a year if you have a PR Firm does the job) There isn’t one. There are a few reasons for this. First, large companies understand that things can go bad and they need to be prepared to react to negative media, which will ultimately affect sales and trust in the brand. Conversely, when interesting or powerful news surfaces that is relevant to what they do, they know that they need to be part of that conversation. Finally, if you remove the PR from the equation you are no longer relevant, you are not building brand recognition, and you are certainly not standing up against your competitors.

    At Lyceum LaunchSquad, we would be at your help when you need to achieve PR barriers. This isn’t so hard, now is it? Even above fundamental steps could make a significant difference to the visibility and success of your fledgling business right now, whether or not you’ve reached profitability yet. With us you can progress to events, earned media placements, broadcast exposure, and the more intricate and advanced levels of PR as your employee and revenue structure progresses. In the meantime, these core steps can put you well on your way.

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Public Affairs / Investor Relations

  • Key Capabilities

    1. Strategic IR Planning & Counsel
    2. Investor Messaging & Communications
    3. Investment Community Outreach & Relations
    4. Market Intelligence & Reporting
    5. Shareholder Activism Counsel & Communications
    6. Transaction Communications & Support
    7. Crisis Communications & Support
    8. Digital Communications

    For most clients, we serve as an outsourced investor relations department. For larger companies with an IRO or similar internal capability, we provide an array of support services including positioning, drafting various forms of investor communications, arranging investor meetings and analyst days, conducting perception studies, and managing communications during crises.

    Whatever the reason we are engaged, throughout our partnership we remain focused on formulating and implementing customized, effective IR programs that make the most productive use of management's time.

  • Strategic IR Planning & Counsel

    We assess each client's unique corporate position and investment characteristics and work with the management team to collectively determine the Company's investor relations and capital markets objectives.We develop strategies and detailed plans based on the established objectives, and throughout the course of our relationships, advise our clients on a wide range of corporate matters.

    1. Goal Assessment & Plan Development.
    2. IR Best Practices Audit & Implementation.
    3. Disclosure Policy Development.
    4. Deal Advisory.
    5. Counsel on all other corporate issues.
  • Investor Messaging & Communications

    Communication is a vital component of investors' and analysts' decision-making processes. Strong financial results are often not enough. Articulating strategy, key metrics and goals, and engaging in a clear, consistent, meaningful dialogue with investors and analysts allow them to develop a richer impression of management, their integrity, vision, and leadership. It is also critical to reassess a company's position and messaging on a regular basis, and refine communications as appropriate.

    1. Develop & Integrate Investment Thesis & Key Messages.
    2. Create & Manage Investor Communications Plan/Calendar.
    3. Write & Publish all Investor Communications - News Releases, Presentations, Fact Sheets, Conference Call Scripts, IR Website & Annual Report
    4. Expert in Communicating Strategy, Outlook, Financial Guidance, Major Developments and Complex Financial Matters.
    5. Coach on Presentation Delivery and Q&A for Meetings and Quarterly Earnings Calls.
  • Investment Community Outreach & Relations

    Whether a company is just beginning to tell its story, or entering a new corporate life stage and pursuing its next opportunity set in the investment community, we tailor all outreach to suit each client's unique situation. We cultivate potential investors and sell-side research coverage for clients, leveraging our broad base of contacts, ongoing market intelligence on new contacts, and more than three decades of success matching clients with the most suitable buy and sell-side professionals. At the same time, we work to strengthen relationships with clients' existing investors and covering analysts.

    1. Ongoing, Targeted Outreach. Market to relevant investors and analysts.
    2. Productive Roadshow Meetings. Arrange in-person and tele-meetings with appropriate investment professionals throughout the world, always mindful of making the most productive use of management's time.
    3. Collaboration with Covering Analysts. Help optimize and oftentimes supplement roadshows arranged by firms that cover clients in research, thus centralizing the entire investor outreach effort.
    4. Investment Conference Access, Preparation & Coordination. Secure participation in appropriate investment conferences leveraging our investment banking and analyst relationships. Prepare clients for conference participation, including creating compelling presentations and providing meeting intelligence. Manage associated logistics.
    5. Investor Day Preparation, Organization & Feedback. Organize and implement well-attended, effective Investor Days at client facilities throughout the world, and follow up with attendees to obtain feedback.
    6. Relationship-Building. Maintain ongoing contact with analysts and investors and serve as a trusted source of information.
  • Market Intelligence & Reporting

    Management teams must stay abreast of their company's position in the public marketplace, as well as third party views of their company. At the same time, information overload is not productive. We provide the most appropriate market intelligence, tailoring content and format for each client.

    1. Peer Monitoring & Analysis.
    2. Perception Studies & Ongoing Assessments.
    3. Shareholder/Peer-holder Analysis.
    4. Pre-meeting Intelligence.
    5. Post-meeting Feedback.
    6. Activist Intelligence.
    7. Institutional Holder Reporting.
    8. Board Meeting Preparation & Reporting Materials.
  • Crisis Communications & Support

    Not every unexpected event has to be a crisis. We work with our clients to fully understand the situation, provide an objective point of view, and prepare a clear communications plan geared towards keeping stakeholders fully informed and maintaining management's credibility.

    Digital Communications

    1. IR Website Development & Management.
    2. Corporate Video Production.
    3. Executive Video Interviews.
    4. Video Integration into Investor Presentations.Pre-meeting Intelligence.
    5. Social Media Consulting.

Public / Media Relations

We’ve harnessed a strengthening relationship with most of the top conventional media outlets in the country, with a trilingual approach comprising English, Native Fijian or in Hindi languages, combined with leading wire news portals, and also go onto publishing on global wire sites wherever and whenever necessary. We highly specialize in thinking, strategizing and managing public and media activities that are credible, news worthy and editorial friendly, which will also grab reader attention in a cluttered news sheet, and we work with senior professionals in the industry to achieve our clients’ bottom-line PR objectives starting from a simple press release and initiating press conferences and business relations through to stimulating public and stakeholder communications. Despite annual contras, we also work with clients on one-off or project basis.

Product launches / Event Coverage

Whether it’s to launch a product or brand in the marketplace or just hosting an event, conference at organization or industry level, we’re here to connect the moment with the media – press, wire, radio and TV. We will get the media to you. From short-listing and targeting media outlets, conceptualizing invitations and signing them up through to follow-ups, publishing it across the media and preparing you a dossier with the complete coverage materials and the return for your investment with us. With media contacts and expertise spanning the lifestyle, youth, retail, personal finance, travel, media, telecoms, sport, gaming, property and professional services sectors amongst others, we take great pride in our media relations, and we make it our business to continually forge positive relationships with as many new journalists, editors and influence-rs as possible.

Media Planning & Buying

With a strong understanding of the holistic media coupled with experience and insights into consumers and various publics, we could scratch plan or revise your one-off or annual media budgets whether it’s to buy effective spaces in the press and magazines, run jingles on the radio or make the radio jockey or host talk about it or allocating challenging 10 or 15 seconders on the TV, or target a series of wire sites including advertising and other paid mediums on social media too. Everything begins with a deep-root understanding of your objectives, later analyzed and strategized, to give the best results and outcome from our end. If you’re missing voicing at a studio, graphic designer to make a one page ad or a production house to create a commercial for TV, we have the necessary partners for this too, who are renowned nationally.

Media Monitoring

As we’ve stated in the beginning, we are tapped-in and connected to the media all day, every day. So again naturally, this puts us in an excellent position to monitor and keep you updated as to what they are talking about your organization or brand. Taking this pro-active approach has also helped some clients avoid potential negative reputation by stimulating and shaping thoughts and discussions with the media. This doesn’t only limit to the conventional media, yes, we’re wired to social media, the virtual place where we believe your organization or brand needs a higher emphasis of monitoring and shaping its conversations and comments.

Social Media

There are billions of internet users in the world according to data by ITU, United Nations Population Division, IAMAI, and the World Bank, With a deep understanding towards analyzing your marketing and business objectives through to strategizing and implementing an effective social media strategy we’re here to make it happen. We are also excited to place more of our work making winning case studies for our clients.


We are here to serve the overwhelmed, the overworked, the eager to impress, the creatively tapped.

At Story we ensure we go that extra mile to deliver excellence and perfection in every event that we produce. We provide a number of services to help plan everything from start to finish and take the stress away from you. This is what we do all day everyday and our expertise, knowledge, and combined experience of 10 years in the events industry will shine through in the way we work with you personally and professionally. Organizing events is our life and we love what we do.

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